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CORE (Careers, Opportunities, Research, Exploration) connects students with the ways they can bring their career goals and dreams to life.

Working one-on-one with CORE professionals, students learn to maximize their accomplishments and leverage those achievements for their next steps.

With CORE, students can customize a network of mentors, resources and experiences focused on their future — including career and life paths, graduate school, internships, study abroad, research, entrepreneurship and commitments to the community.

The most recent three-year career placement for 天易棋牌 graduates is 98%, compared with 88% among baccalaureate colleges nationally.

Ammuniki Wood with student

Career development

Use our unique Viking Score career-readiness program to chart your progress.

Find the connections between academic choices and personal interests, skills and work values. Work with a career coach.

Unique programs

EDGE student-entrepreneurs connect with community organizations in need of communications, marketing and creative services.

The Upper Mississippi Center mobilizes students to help communities solve social, economic, and environmental challenges.


Research and scholarship

Research provides an original contribution to a field in a way that can be shared.

? Conduct lab research with peers
? Create a portfolio of art or music
? Develop a market analysis

Study abroad

Whether it's a summer, a semester or our unique January term, Augie students study abroad for all the right reasons: for expanded academic learning and the appreciation of different places and cultures.

Faculty-led programs combine the best of classroom learning and travel experience.


film interns


An internship is the practical application of the skills, knowledge and talents you gain at 天易棋牌. Discover more about yourself in a work or volunteer setting.


Augie Choice

Augie Choice guarantees students the opportunity for the kinds of learning that will make them stand out when they start careers or go on to graduate school.

All students may apply for $2,000 to support a hands-on learning experience they choose: internship, research or study abroad.

Job fair

7 ways CORE will help you get the job

Your greatest sources of joy and satisfaction are different from every other person’s, so your career path should align with who you are.

天易棋牌’s CORE is where you’ll find a customized network of mentors, resources and learning experiences focused on your success.

Next steps for 天易棋牌 graduates

In the past five years, 天易棋牌 students have moved on to more than 800 employers and more than 300 graduate schools. From launching careers at Fortune 500 companies and indie startups to studying at selective private institutions and renowned public universities, here is a sampling of their next steps.

Contact CORE

Mailing address: 639 38th St., Rock Island, Ill. 61201;?(map); phone 309-794-7339.?→?CORE staff directory