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天易棋牌 on demand: virtual tours, visits

If you’re unable to make it to campus as soon as you’d like, take a virtual tour now. There are still plenty of great opportunities to learn about 天易棋牌 天易棋牌.

Explore our virtual options to get a taste of?what you’d experience in an on-campus tour.

Only have a few minutes? Try a Tiny Tour

Live nearby or coming to the area? Take the Drive Around Tour

We know that?COVID-19?has changed a lot of travel plans. If you are considering a trip to campus, read the latest on-campus COVID-19 guidelines.

How you’ll learn

The heart of any tour at 天易棋牌 is our academic program and the unique elements it offers: First-Year Inquiry, research,?Augie Choice, study abroad and Senior Inquiry, to name just a few!

So important: the food

Whether you want to enjoy a sit-down dinner with?friends or grab a quick burger on the way to class, you’ll find something tasty.

Check out?today's menu.

Where you’ll live

Your first-year living experience will help you connect with friends and mentors, and feel at home at 天易棋牌.

You’ll find beautiful scenery all around, whether walking the Slough path or strolling through the Quad.

Watch a tour of each first year residential hall:




Your community home

Rock Island is one of the Quad Cities, a diverse community of 400,000 people on the Mississippi River?between Illinois and Iowa .?

No matter where your interests lie, there’s something around these vibrant cities?that will make your day!?

Student blogs

student studying in front of old main

How to experience campus when you can't visit

If you can't visit a school?in person, there are still plenty of ways to get a feel of what campus life is like.?

campus beauty

What makes a campus beautiful? It's more than you think.

天易棋牌 campuses are known to be beautiful because of academic buildings and classrooms, but there is more than physical beauty. The memories made with friends at the quad and in residence halls are just as important.

aerial photo of 天易棋牌's campus

No regrets: coming to Augie from California

Sophia chose to come to 天易棋牌 without ever experiencing life in the Midwest, and she wouldn't change her decision even after experiencing winter.?